TORBEL manufactures equipment for thermal power generation, fueled by biomass or other fuels. The standard range of biomass boilers starts with small horizontal boilers 90 kW through a complete range with the most sophisticated fluidized bed boilers up to 15 MW.

From biomass direct combustion or gasification process, from fixed grates, moving grates, up to bubbling fluidized bed, TORBEL presents a wide range of technologies. Is able to deliver CHP projects based on superheated water, steam and diathermic oil boilers.

TORBEL offers a full range of solutions for the production of:

-    Air - hot air generators
-    Water (up to superheated) – vertical (integrated or independent furnaces) and horizontal boilers
-    Steam (up to 12 bar) – vertical and horizontal boilers (independent furnace)
-    Diathermic Oil - vertical and horizontal boilers (independent furnace)

The biomass thermal energy systems offer a wide range of complementary accessories that go from emissions monitoring to real time surveillance that allow Customers to control the system status from any  location.